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9/11 Memorial Walk 20th Anniversary

September 11th, 20th anniversary Memorial Walk. 

Sirens and Salutes sponsored a memorial walk in Buchanan that started at 8:46- the time the first tower was hit by the first aircraft and ending at 1028 , the time the second tower falls. During the walk we stopped for moments of silence when the second tower was hit, when the pentagon was hit, when Flight 93 crashes, and when the first tower falls. This year we were honored to have FDNY Firefighter (Retired) Al Weber, who spoke prior to the walk about how much 9/11 remembrance means to him, as he lost many friends and co-workers that day. This was the 3rd year for the walk in Buchanan and the 1st year sponsored by Sirens and Salutes, Inc. Plans are underway already for the 2022 Memorial Walk.  Each fallen had a flag placed with an nametag and on the back of each tag was a short biography of them. Firefighters had red ribbons and law enforcement had blue ribbons tied to the flag. 

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